Galvanized Pipe Schedule (40) - 3-1/2 Inches

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Galvanizing is the process of applying protective zinc coating to prevent rusting. The zinc coating is applied by the continuous hot-dip process, producing a tight coat of prime spelter of the 1.25 oz. per square foot coating class. Pipe is a tubular product intended primarily for such purposes as the conveying of water, fuel, gas, air, steam, etc.
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Weight 9.109000
bobco_thickness 40
price_21to50 10
price_11to20 7
price_6to10 5
addon_charges_fraction 1
addon_charges_percentage 20
addon_charges_simple 4
Width 3.500000
Length 252.000000
Thickness 40
Dimension Length 252.000000
Dimension Width 3.500000
Dimension Height 3.500000
Freight Class --- Use Default ---
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