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The Supermarket of Metals

It was the vision of entrepreneur Bob Blaugrund to start a business where you can easily and conveniently browse and obtain metal products. Thus Bobco Metals Co. was created with concept of being “The Supermarket of Metals”, having been in operations for 8 decades, you can guarantee they can live up to their claim.

In the modern world today, metal fabrication has become a very integral part of our everyday lives, from simple household necessities to the soaring skyscrapers, it is impossible to imagine that metal fabrication not playing an important role in the world of our future generations. Especially in cities like Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world.

Having more than 6 decades of experience in stainless steel Los Angeles fabrication, Bobco Metals Co. is guaranteed to have the metal for any type of use you can think of in the highest quality possible.  The company started it s business stainless steel Los Angeles when Bob Blaugrund came back from Pacific Theater and built a scrap and secondary yard for various metals in which was the foundation for the future Bobco Metals, “The Supermarket of Metals”, which is a wholesale and retail distributor of metals for industry and construction stainless steel Los Angeles needs.

Operating on a strategically placed at the industrial section of downtown Los Angeles where two rectangular metal buildings stand on 1 acre of land, one is fully enclosed for the non-ferrous and one open building for the stainless steel Los Angeles and of course, for the open yard between 20th and 22nd street on Alameda St. Bobco Metals Co stainless steel Los Angeles products are made out of high quality steel and will go through lots of testing in order to meet the highest standards needed to day for industrial and construction stainless steel Los Angeles supply.

Bobco Metals Co. does not only provide stainless steel Los Angeles products, but other from other materials as well, they also have a wide array of galvanized steel and aluminum products to suit your other needs, and also made in the same high standard and quality as the Bobco Metals Co stainless steel Los Angeles products. Ornamental aluminum and stainless steel Los Angeles are one of the most popular products than Bobco Metals Co stainless steel Los Angeles has to offer.

Some of the products that Bobco Metals Co. stainless steel Los Angeles fabricates are abrasives, aluminum castings, casters and wheels, cast iron collars, cast iron floral elements, cast iron rosettes, chains and ropes, door and gate enclosures, drill bits, fasteners, finials, forgings, forged baskets, gate operators, gate and fence hardware, general hardware, hammered panels, handrail and fittings, heavy steal floral elements, hinges, hooks and locks, light steel floral elements, locks, lock sets, ornamental balls, paint supplies, pipe elbows, plastic tubing plugs, post caps, power tools, rings, rosettes, scrolls, steel base plates, steel lock boxes, welding machines and supplies and steel weld tabs. You can be sure that Bobco Metals Co. has everything you need at a sensible price with the highest grade of metal that  can be used for all types of construction and can handle the wear and tear of anything that throw against it. Bobco Metals Co. is the most convenient place for all your metal needs, truly lives up to its name as the “The Supermarket of Metals”.

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