Hot Rolled Diamond Plate

Hot Rolled Diamond Plate

Hot Rolled Diamond Plate provides maximum skid resistance regardless of how the plate is laid or the angle from which it is approached. Patterns are continuous whether adjoining plates are laid end to end, side to side, or side to end. Cutting waste is reduced to a minimum. Cleaning is easily accomplished with a hose, brush, or mop, with rapid and complete drainage.

ASTM A 786

Running board steps, floors, walkways, platforms, cover plates, stair treads, hatch covers, trench covers, truck runways, conveyors, etc.

Floor Plates are not normally used as main stress-carrying members and are seldom specified to tensile requirement.

Easily welded by all the welding process, and the resultant welds are of extremely good quality. The grade of welding rod to be used depends on thickness of section, design, service requirements, etc.

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