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Bobco Metals Co. has been known for their hard earned reputation as a leading provided for all types of metal products, from pipes, bars to sheets, and even fabricated sculptures, you can be sure that Bobco Metals Co. has everything you for all your industrial and construction projects. Bobco Metals Co. it is indeed the Supermarket of Metals.

Aluminum is a silver-white metal and is less than three times as dense as water which makes it very light, yet reasonably strong. In addition, aluminum is ductile; it can be drawn into wires or pressed into sheets or foil. It is the most abundant metallic element and the third most abundant of all elements in the Earth’s crust making up 8% of the crust by weight. Only silicon and oxygen are more plentiful. Aluminum has numerous applications in the home and industry, and is a familiar metal to nearly everyone in the planet.

BOBCO METALS CO. provides high standard and quality aluminum Los Angeles California for all types of industrial and construction work. Having served and operating in the Los Angeles area since the 1950s, you can be sure that the experience of its employees and reputation of the Bobco Metals Co. guarantee that you get the highest grade aluminum Los Angeles conveniently and at a reasonable price for whatever project you may need them. Aluminum Los Angeles can be easily shaped and fabricated into various shapes and one of the products that have made Bobco Metals Co. aluminum Los Angeles such a success. Their base of operations is located at a narrow one acre of land between 20th and 22nd street on Alameda St., and built two rectangular metal buildings, one is fully covered for the non-ferrous and one open building for the steel and of course, for the open yard that has an infinite number of uses for the Bobco Metals Co. their base of operations have earned them coveted AIA Design Award for Interior Architecture. As you know, this is an equivalent of Oscars for the Architects.

Bobco Metals Co. aluminum Los Angeles was the vision of the entrepreneur and businessman, Bob Blaugrund. Starting as a scrap yard for metals, his genius quickly evolved the company into what is known today as “The Supermarket of Metals”, where you can convenient shop for your all you metal needs, Bobco Metals Co. not only produces aluminum Los Angeles, but also other types of metal as well like galvanized and stainless steel. Bobco Metals Co. aluminum Los Angeles is your one stop choice for all aluminum Los Angeles needs, you will never have to go through the tedious task of searching for other companies to provide all your metal needs, from tubes to sheets, you can be sure that Bobco Metals Co. has everything you need.

A few of Bobco Metals Co. aluminum products include; Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate, Aluminum Flat Sheet, Aluminum Angles Extruded, Aluminum Flat bar, Aluminum Hexagons, Aluminum Pipe,  Aluminum Round Drawn Tube, Aluminum Rounds, Aluminum Square Tube, Aluminum Squares,  and Structural Channels.  Bobco Metals Co. has since then garnered a very good reputation in aluminum Los Angeles during its decades of experience, you can be sure that will continue on to provide all types of metal for all sorts of uses in the coming years. A very convenient thought for those who are in need of their high quality products.