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Have A Look On The Seamless Tube: Metal Tubing And Its Features

Tubes are the perfect containers - airtight, collapsible, light-proof, can be sterilize, economical, unbreakable, convenient, and easy to use. Metal, plastic or laminate, the tube is efficient, attractive, and essential to our daily life. The Tube Council represents numerous manufacturers of Metal, Plastic, and Laminate tubes, as well as suppliers to the Industry. Here, we will have background info on metal tubing. First we have to know what metal tubing is. The metal tubing is air tight and impermeable and has "no suckback." These properties give superior protection to contents, keeping them fresh and uncontaminated through long periods of intermittent use. Metal tubing is made of metallic elements or alloys and designed for specific industrial applications. Materials of construction include aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, titanium, gold, silver, platinum, steel, and steel. An internal lining applied to the metal gives it added compatibility for products that are highly alkaline or acidic. The metal tubing is the only one of the three tube types that is seamless. In terms of function, there are two basic types of metal tubes: electrical and mechanical. Electrical tubing is used to hold and contain electrical wires. Mechanical tubing has stronger cross-sections and is designed for structural applications. For both types of metal tubes, dimensional specifications include inside diameter (ID), outside diameter (OD), and wall thickness. Inches (in), millimeters (mm), and centimeters (cm) are common units of measure. Some metal tubes have round or oval-shaped cross-sections. Others are square or rectangular. Metal tubing differs in terms of features. Anti-static tubing is designed to prevent the buildup of static electricity. Coiled tubing or spiral tubing is flexible with long, continuous runs. Corrugated tubing provides pleats for increased flexibility and compression capacity. Explosion-proof, finned, multi-element, and multi-layered metal tubing is also commonly available. Reinforced tubing uses fibers or banding. Spark resistant metal tubing is designed to maintain integrity in the presence of electrical discharge or sparking. Metal tubing, that can be sterilized, is designed for use with an autoclave, dry heat, gamma irradiation, or chemical disinfectant. Seamless, welded, and welded and drawn (WD) metal tubes are used in many different applications.

Bobco Metals stocks a wide range of metal tubing products including: Pre- galvanized Rectangular Tubing, pre- Galvanized Round Tubing, Pre- Galvanized Square Tubing, Stainless rectangular tube, and Stainless round tubes. Galvanized tube steel is an alloy of iron and carbon that has been rolled into a tube shape — often round, square, or rectangular — and then coated with zinc. Steel tubing is generally galvanized in one of two ways. It can be hot dipped, or passed through molten zinc, which forms a thick protective coating, or electroplated — passed through a solution of zinc with electrical current, which results in a thinner layer of zinc adhering to the steel.

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